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Hire for Travel article quality writing service

20 Jul

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Hire for quality travel article writing at cheap price

Hire for quality travel article writing at cheap price

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Hire me for Quality Travel writing service

Hire me for Quality Travel writing service

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Article writing service on Promotional Products

20 Jul

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Quality SEO article writing service by Expertservice

Quality SEO article writing service by Expertservice

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Client's Testimonial for SEO article writing

Client’s Testimonial for SEO article writing

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Article on vitamins for hair growth

20 Jul

Just recently finished an 1200 word article order on – vitamins for hair growth.

Order for Health Article on Vitamin for hair growth

Order for Health Article on Vitamin for hair growth

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Client's Feedback for health article

Client’s Feedback for health article

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Why men are attached to women who treat them badly?

21 Mar

There are a lot of aspects of a relationship that are kept under the wraps- abuse or bad treatment being one of them. Strangely, when we talk about bad treatment we generally assume women to be at the receiving end. But there are plenty of relationships in which the men get treated badly by their partners and keep quiet about it. It often becomes impossible to accept that women can abuse men as they are considered weaker. But nevertheless there are men who are treated badly and tortured and even battered by the fairer sex but still love them. It is quite baffling to understand why men do not come out of such an abusive relationship. Let us explore.

male victims of domestic violence

Male victims of domestic violence

The fear of being embarrassed

Going public about an abusive relationship makes a man embarrassed. He fears that his friends would think of him as a wimp and hence continues in the relationship. In our society men who are bullied by their partners are often laughed at. This makes males more secretive about the bad treatment that is meted out to them.

fear of being embarrassed

fear of being embarrassed

Lack of self-esteem

This problem is quite complex. Men who had a difficult childhood or an abusive parent often grow up with low self-esteem. They think that they are inadequate to have a fulfilling relationship. They cling to their partners because they make themselves believe that being in a relationship is enough for them. A little bit of attention from their women is what they seek in life. They never quite understand how they are mistreated and take it as normal. Some women take advantage of this situation and treat the men as slaves.

Financial dependence

Yes, this is another reason behind men being treated badly in a relationship. In an age of woman emancipation some women earn more than their partners. Some of them misuse their financial power to control their men. The men end up being dependent on their spouses for financial support. In some cases the reverse is also seen to be true. When the female partners do not have financial stability the men take it as their responsibility to pay the bills. Even if the wife mistreats the man, he cannot leave her.

Fooling themselves

This is another complicated yet common reason for sticking to an abusive relationship. Some men use excuses to tolerate their girlfriends’ behavior. Either the relationship was good in the past or they still spend some quality time together. The men use the past good moments as excuses to tolerate the mistreatment. They may even make themselves believe that due to certain physical or psychological problem the women are behaving in a particular manner. They constantly deny the fact that the relationship is not healthy anymore.

Fear of harm

This works the other way round. Some women simply terrify their partners to stay with them. The male partners cannot leave them because they fear that if they do so, their spouses may harm themselves. The women may even threaten to commit suicide and mistreat their partners in this pretext.

The pain of starting over

It takes a lot of time to build a relationship. Men who suffer from low self esteem or are mentally weak do not find the courage to get out of a relationship and start all over again. By staying long in a relationship, they lose the confidence of entering the dating world again. Over criticism from their partners also affects their self-esteem and they start to believe that they are not capable of leading a good life. The fear of starting fresh makes them stay back.

It may seem pathetic to find other men being mistreated by women or being bullied around but there are plenty of reasons behind such submission. One needs to be sympathetic towards the men and help them to take better decisions.

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Health Insurance Basics- Common Definitions And Tips For First Time Buyers

23 Feb

These days you will find several insurance companies selling a wide ranges of health insurances offering different coverage to its consumers. Choosing for particular health insurance policy for self and your family could be a tough task.  However, you can customize your health policy as per your requirements and needs.

Health Insurance Tips

Health Insurance Tips

Decide what your requirements are, it would be good if you are familiar with its basics and get along with the common definitions/terms so that you can take a better informed decision.

Understand The Health Insurance Basics

A health insurance basic is a simple plan that covers out-patient surgery and impatient hospitalization in case of illness or accident. Usually the basic health policy premiums are lower and are generally preferred by the masses that are primarily interested in getting covered for their illness and accident.

Get Acquainted To Common Definitions

To know the terms/definition of health insurance policy will serve as a dictionary to understand your policy in a better way such as:

Cash Less Claim: It is a term where a person can claim without paying upfront cash. Here the third party administrator and the insurer have tie-ups with several networks of nursing homes/hospitals.

Critical Illness Policy:  It is a policy taken for terminal diseases. It provides payment as lum-sum benefits if the insured is diagnosed from several specified terminal illness.

Disability Insurance: It is another policy that offers a monthly specified sum to the insured suffering from partial or total disability.

Exclusions: In here the medical expenses are not covered by the policy under any medical ailment.

Floater Policy: It is a policy wherein a single sum is insured to cover more than one individual. For instance, you can get it covered for your entire family.

The above revealed definitions are the primary terms used for health insurance and if you are a first time buyer ensure that you pick the finest health insurance plan suiting your needs and requirements.

The foremost thing you need to decide is whether you would like to go for a long term health plan or short term. If you are job less, but hoping to get hired by a few days/months where a firm is offering a group insurance then probably a short term plan will do best for you. Also, see that if you are going for the basic health coverage plan, does it meet your needs. Usually, you are presented with broader choice but the ability to choose that not only take care about you and your family but also comes within your budget.

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