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Why men are attached to women who treat them badly?

21 Mar

There are a lot of aspects of a relationship that are kept under the wraps- abuse or bad treatment being one of them. Strangely, when we talk about bad treatment we generally assume women to be at the receiving end. But there are plenty of relationships in which the men get treated badly by their partners and keep quiet about it. It often becomes impossible to accept that women can abuse men as they are considered weaker. But nevertheless there are men who are treated badly and tortured and even battered by the fairer sex but still love them. It is quite baffling to understand why men do not come out of such an abusive relationship. Let us explore.

male victims of domestic violence

Male victims of domestic violence

The fear of being embarrassed

Going public about an abusive relationship makes a man embarrassed. He fears that his friends would think of him as a wimp and hence continues in the relationship. In our society men who are bullied by their partners are often laughed at. This makes males more secretive about the bad treatment that is meted out to them.

fear of being embarrassed

fear of being embarrassed

Lack of self-esteem

This problem is quite complex. Men who had a difficult childhood or an abusive parent often grow up with low self-esteem. They think that they are inadequate to have a fulfilling relationship. They cling to their partners because they make themselves believe that being in a relationship is enough for them. A little bit of attention from their women is what they seek in life. They never quite understand how they are mistreated and take it as normal. Some women take advantage of this situation and treat the men as slaves.

Financial dependence

Yes, this is another reason behind men being treated badly in a relationship. In an age of woman emancipation some women earn more than their partners. Some of them misuse their financial power to control their men. The men end up being dependent on their spouses for financial support. In some cases the reverse is also seen to be true. When the female partners do not have financial stability the men take it as their responsibility to pay the bills. Even if the wife mistreats the man, he cannot leave her.

Fooling themselves

This is another complicated yet common reason for sticking to an abusive relationship. Some men use excuses to tolerate their girlfriends’ behavior. Either the relationship was good in the past or they still spend some quality time together. The men use the past good moments as excuses to tolerate the mistreatment. They may even make themselves believe that due to certain physical or psychological problem the women are behaving in a particular manner. They constantly deny the fact that the relationship is not healthy anymore.

Fear of harm

This works the other way round. Some women simply terrify their partners to stay with them. The male partners cannot leave them because they fear that if they do so, their spouses may harm themselves. The women may even threaten to commit suicide and mistreat their partners in this pretext.

The pain of starting over

It takes a lot of time to build a relationship. Men who suffer from low self esteem or are mentally weak do not find the courage to get out of a relationship and start all over again. By staying long in a relationship, they lose the confidence of entering the dating world again. Over criticism from their partners also affects their self-esteem and they start to believe that they are not capable of leading a good life. The fear of starting fresh makes them stay back.

It may seem pathetic to find other men being mistreated by women or being bullied around but there are plenty of reasons behind such submission. One needs to be sympathetic towards the men and help them to take better decisions.

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What your woman secretly wants in bed but will never tell you

3 Mar

You may have known your woman for years but are you aware of her secret wishes? The woman who is completely docile in bed can have some fiery desires tucked away in her heart. Women have secret sexual desires which they do not feel comfortable to share with their male partners in fear of hurting their ego. Here are some ideas about what your woman may be secretly wishing from you in bed.

Focus on her entire body

Women relate sex to love and desirability. They want their men to love every part of their body. Kissing them on the inner thigh or the earlobes arouse them like nothing else. This, I hope will give you enough clue to know how to have better sex and give her pleasure too.

kiss her earlobes

kiss her earlobes to arouse her

Let her know that she is special

Love making needs to be a complete sensuous experience for women. You know every woman loves to be pampered. She needs to be pampered in bed too. You can do that physically and emotionally while making love to her. Tell her how special she is, how she makes you feel and how much you love her. Speak to her and praise her body parts. She will enjoy immensely the attention you shower on her and your love making will reach a different level.

pamper her to make her feel special

pamper her to make her feel special

Extended foreplay

A woman needs to feel loved through her whole body. That is why foreplay is so important to her. It is not necessary only to arouse her and make her reach orgasm but also to raise her senses. So, extend your foreplay and find innovative ways to caress her. You should remember that there are some spots in her body which are more sensuous like her neck, earlobes and inner thigh.

extend foreplay on bed

She will love extended foreplay on bed

Talk dirty

Most women hate to admit it but they enjoy dirty talk. They want their men to talk nasty things while love making. This is one of the weird fantasies of women. But they seldom reveal this because they fear that their men may do this outside the bedroom also.

talk dirty to her on bed

talk dirty to her on bed

For you the clue is to get real dirty between the sheets and keep it restricted there only.

Be aggressive to her

She wants to be treated like a queen but while in bed she wants you to get rough. Yes, many women fantasize being handled in a rough way by their partners. This may come as a surprise to you because she is a “good girl” but acting nice always doesn’t make her happy. She will want you to get aggressive in bed and do wild things. Spanking, cursing and handcuffing are some of the things you can try.

try satisfy her fantasies

try satisfy her fantasies

A woman friend went on to admit that she wants her man to treat her like a prostitute. This may come as a shocker to you but it is true.

Her wild fantasies

You are not the only one who wants to get threesome. Even she fantasizes that. Yes, women have fantasies that may make you go green. Going threesome, role playing, making out in the public are some of her lustful fantasies.

A woman may continue to hide things she wants her man to do to her in bed. Being sensitive towards her and talking frankly will make her open her heart.

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Top 8 things women do not like about men

1 Mar

No matter how much a woman loves her man, there are bound to be some traits she simply hates. This is true for most women. Guys have certain traits that women cannot stand. Here are 8 such habits that women do not like in their men.

The ordeal of the wet towel

Most women swear by this habit that men simply fail to take notice. They have a habit of leaving wet towels on the floor, or bed and even on the sofa. Changing this habit would have saved women a lot of time and energy but who cares?


Men have a habit of leaving wet towels on the floor

Messy kitchen

Women love guys who help them in the kitchen. Some men are over-enthusiastic and try their hands at cooking. But they leave behind messy kitchen. Somehow men dislike cleaning and scrubbing and expect their partners to handle this.

helping her in kitchen works

helping her in kitchen works

Scattered stuff

This is again a common habit that men find very hard to give up. They love piling up things. Old books and magazines, sports gear and clothes they have not worn in last three years all find place in their rooms. Women have to bear this mess in their homes and cannot throw these out even though they feel an urge to do so.

Male Bad Habit Meshy rooms

One of the annoying bad habit of Male – Meshy rooms

Commenting on TV viewing

It is true that seldom men and women share common interest in TV programs. While men are known for their love for games, women like to watch modeling shows, reality talent shows and serials. But what women find annoying is guys’ habit of making comments. They love to mock at the shows women watch.

Commenting on TV viewing

Commenting on TV viewing

 Inadequate grooming

Some men are oblivious of the fact that deodorants, floss and shampoos have particular use in the modern society. They will never take baths properly and leave their hair unkempt to utter disgust of their women. They will continue to wear age-old clothes and never think of grooming themselves up.

grumpy-man-with-hair unkempt

grumpy-man-with-hair unkempt

Listening with half mind

This is something that irritates women to no length. When she is trying to say something serious and wants her man to listen to her, he is either nodding his head absent-mindedly or playing with his mobile. Listening with full attention does not come easy to a man.

Listening her with half mind

Listening her with half mind

Filthy toilets habits

Wet floors with muddy footprints on them and stacks of newspapers and books in the toilet are some of the irritating things that women have to withstand. No matter how much you try to tell them that these are unhealthy habits, men refuse to pay any heed.

muddy footprints on wet floor

Muddy footprints on wet floor

Not informing in time

Most men are so busy that they tend to forget to inform their partners of late returns or their tour programs. This is so frustrating when you have to wait of him for hours and then find out that he is busy in a meeting. He may even forget to tell you that he will be out of station next weekend and only after you have made a plan he comes up with his excuse.

Men will be men. Most women have come to terms with this fact. Still, these are most irritating traits that women hate to find in their men.

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What does your guy hate to hear? The top 7 phrases you should stop using

27 Feb

We all know that girls like to talk a lot and have some favorite phrases that they often repeat. But how does the boyfriend react to these over-used phrases? They simply hate to hear these. If you really care for your guy and want him to stick to you, you need to know the phrases he hates to hear. Here are top 7 seven phrases that you should think twice before uttering.

“Am I looking fat?”

To you knowing whether you are looking fat may be the only thing you care in the world, but to him answering this question day in and day out is an ordeal. What do you expect him to say? How long should he answer this question? Simply put, your boyfriend dreads this question. He can’t say yes, because that would upset you even if you look fat and saying no every time is plain lying.

am I looking fat

am I looking fat

“I need to talk to you”

May be you want to discuss something harmless or silly but the phrase itself sends chills down his spine. He thinks that you are going to share something terrible or will accuse him of some misdoing. He hates this phrase as it makes him look like a child about to be scolded by his mother. If you have anything to discuss, do it maturely without terrifying him.

I need to talk to you

I need to talk to you

“My ex did this ……”

Again, you are at it. What is the point in bringing up your ex and saying how he did this or that? Most men hate to hear this phrase and get themselves compared to the exes. You should realize that your ex is your past and you should never drag him in the present unnecessarily.

My ex did this

My ex did this

“Why did your mother say that?”

Everyone is possessive about their mothers and other family members and you should stop criticizing them blatantly. Such disapprovals hurt his emotions and ego. They will lead to fights which will harm the relationship in the long run. So you should check your urge to comment against his relatives and just let them be.

Why did your mother say that?

Why did your mother say that?

“No, please not tonight”

Rejecting his sexual advances hurts him. It also bruises his ego because he takes it as a rejection of his love and affection for you. May be you are tired or have some other problem for not wanting to have sex. You should explicitly tell him the reasons behind your no.

No, please not tonight

No, please not tonight

“You have changed so much”

Men simply hate to listen to this lament. It irks them because you say it to get his attention. Stop doing this. You are mature enough to know that people change and so do relationships. You have also changed and you cannot expect him to be the same.

You have changed so much

You have changed so much

“Don’t be so boring”

You may never realize how this phrase hurts your boyfriend. Maybe he was just trying to be funny. This blunt phrase leaves his ego injured and affects his self esteem. If you really find him boring find other ways of saying it. Maybe you can suggest topics that will be interesting to talk about.

Don’t be so boring

Don’t be so boring

These are the top 7 phrases that guys hate to hear. Guys have big egos that get hurt easily. You should be careful about what you say to not hurt him. Simply avoid these phrases and find other ways of letting him know what you feel.

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What makes women irresistible to men? Here are top 6 ideas

26 Feb

What makes a woman irresistible to her man? This may be the greatest puzzle that women since ages have been trying to solve. Some women think that being sexy in bed and doing naughty things is enough to turn on a man. But you should remember that great sex happens when you do it with your mind and not with the body alone. Here are some ideas on how you can become irresistible to your man.

Let your confidence win him over
Most women think that men are drawn to them by their looks or physical features. Well, this is partially true. A pretty face or a charming smile can help you to bag the first date, but to keep him hooked you need more than that. Confidence often pulls a man towards a woman although he may not realize it.

intellectual woman

Men want to be with women who are confident and sure of themselves. He loves you when you get into intelligent conversations with him.
Men find women who are intellectual, witty and sharp to be irresistible. So be ready to spring a few surprises while conversing with him and keep him on his toes. You will find him tagged to you.

Go for unique dates
In the initial days of dating, couples are too excited to meet each other. After the excitement wears off, dating becomes boring. To spice up your life you need to keep the excitement alive in dating too. Fix dates and set some rules for dating. Like on some days you will get intimate while having dinner together or talk only naughty. These will spice up your life.

Kiss your partner in the elevator

Kiss your partner in the elevator

Kiss your partner in the elevator and hug him in public view.  Tell him what you want to do when you get back home and he will be too ecstatic to have sex. Rest assured your love making will be fabulous after such a naughty date.

hug in public

Hug in public

Create love making rules
After a point sex loses its charm and becomes routine. If you want to break the monotony, you need to think differently. Always remember that great sex does not mean only orgasm. There are other ways of enjoying togetherness.

enjoy cuddling and foreplay

enjoy cuddling and foreplay

Create your own rules like some night you will only allow cuddling and foreplay and never go for intercourse. I bet your partner will long to have more such encounters. You can also set restrictions on using only hand or tongue to give pleasure.

Take care to look good
By taking care of yourself I do not mean wearing layers of makeup or revealing clothes to look hot. What I mean is taking care of your mind and body. Eat a healthy diet, go for physical activities and take care of your personal hygiene. Men are never into wafer thin women. They love curves. If you think getting slimmer will make you irresistible, think again.

flaunt your curves

Man love woman with curves

Men think that a woman who takes of herself is serious and can take care of the relationship also.

Make humor a part of your charm
Humor turns on men like nothing else. Every man likes to be with women who can make him laugh. A good sense of humor makes women irresistible. Laughing at his jokes and one-liners and coming up with your own punch lines will surely add a few notches to your charm.

Find time to be together
Do not limit your togetherness to bedtime only. Use every occasion to be together and enjoy each other’s company. You can set aside weekends to cook together and come up with romantic dishes like a cake in the shape of a heart. Try having sex on the kitchen counter. Feed each other with hand and see how great it feels.


Try having sex on the kitchen counter.

Go for shopping together and ask for his suggestions while buying lingerie. Go for couple massage or join a hobby class.

There can be numerous ways to spice up your sex life. These 6 ideas can really make you irresistible to your man and leave him panting for more.

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