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Secrets Your Auto Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You To Know

25 Feb

It is tough to get a good quote on auto insurance, as policy premiums are seen on higher side. It is like playing a game where you don’t know the rules, since there are certain things that your auto insurance company wouldn’t be interested in wanting you to know.


Credit Score: Your credit score is perhaps a single, biggest playing factor in your quote. Whether you like them or dislike them, since high/good credit score people will have to pay less insurance.

It Helps If You Are A Woman: The data suggest that on an average a woman is entitled to get more discounts or say pay less about 12% to that of men, because men are known for rash driving therefore the claims comes calling for men than women.

Location Does Matter: There is always a rate difference between a posh locality and a low locality area. For instance, a move from New York across the river to New Jersey will save you a few hundred bucks.

Too Young & Too Old Pays A Lot: Premiums inch up for those people ranging from the age group of 55 to 65 and also, found on higher side for those drivers whose age is 18. There is a steady decline for the drivers ranging from 25 to 35.

Be Qualified Matters: Being qualified doesn’t mean you have to be a Shakespeare. It is not necessary to understand the minute details of your auto insurance policy, but well-educated professionals pay more attention to the details which are overlooked by usual high-school goers.

Car Model: This is some secret that most of your auto insurance will never let out. Your car model decides what will be your insurance premium will be. There is a rating system for every car model and make. The newer hi-tech cars will be led you an expensive premium.

Pay Full: Avoid installment fees rather pay your auto insurance fully. By paying in installments, you are eventually paying more and with a high rate of interest which any insurance agent will not like to disclose.

Bad Drivers Pay More: Don’t be a bad driver, as bad driver or bad driving record owners tend (tend) to pay than the usual ones. However, not all insurance companies act the same way as there are some who will forgive your initial bad driving record. There is vast ranging of qualifying variables that you need to discuss with your auto insurance company.

You don’t have to be an Einstein while buying an auto insurance policy plan, but educating yourself with the basics will help you to save from major consequences. The above mentioned points might look meager, but helps a lot to know what is on the other side of the coin.

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Secrets To Getting The Cheapest Auto Insurance

25 Feb

There are hundreds of things that an average consumer never thinks when he/she goes out for shopping auto insurance. If you are one of those uninformed consumers, it is high time that you educate yourself on how to get the cheapest auto insurance. The more you get to know about these, the more money you will be able to save on your auto insurance.

Do not misunderstand the term “cheap” in terms of quality, it means easy on your wallet. Have a glance at below mentioned secrets of getting the cheapest auto insurance.

best and cheap auto insurance

Driving Boring Car Isn’t Pricy: Especially, when it comes to get cheap auto insurance. The more fancy/branded car you got the higher auto insurance for you. Of course it doesn’t mean that you have to drive a boring grandma’s age car, but you don’t need a Corvette to drive to work. It certainly makes sense and surely works to get you cheap auto insurance.

Take Driving Courses: Majority of the auto insurance companies offers policy at discounted rates to those who have taken up driving safety lessons. Ask your insurance agent about approving driver education lessons, you may find the class boring but the savings it will offer you is worth it.

Save It Through Family: Most of the insurance companies have family plans or give discounts (discounts) to the families if you are combining your insurance with your other family members. You can put as many names under it; it is a great way to get cheap auto insurance.

Go For Multiple Discounts: You may not know but insuring 2 cars can be done in the same price (the same price) to that of one. If not similar quote, though you get the other car insurance at a discounted price. Majorly families own 2 cars, so while obtaining quote for ensure that you get the other one on negligible price.

Drop Unnecessary Coverage: If you have an old car that isn’t going to fetch you a good resale value, then consider omitting collision coverage. This kind of coverage only makes sense if you have a classic (if you have a classic) or new car. All in all try dropping unnecessary coverage that you think will be making your policy costlier

Browse Around: The rates vary from one insurance company to another. Not all features and quotes seem to be same. There are thousands of insurance websites listed on the web offering free quote comparison. This way you can find the best auto policy that helps you get cheap auto insurance.

These are small-small things, if you take into consideration this will help you to save a lot on your insurance policy. If you are buying a policy at a cheap rates doesn’t mean you are compromising on the quality/terms. The privileges will be still available but looking carefully can help you save a lot
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Don’t Fall Victim To Health Insurance Scam

24 Feb

There are millions of innocent people who end up being victim to various health insurance scams every year. There are a lot of unauthorized insurers that are selling health insurance at low cost premiums and people are never able to make out their authenticity. So, how would you save yourself from falling to the victim to health insurance scam?

The article will help you identify fraud before you fall victim to health insurance scam. Here are some helpful tips so that you don’t fall victim to health insurance scam:

Deal With Only Reputed Agents
Rather than contacting an unknown agent for your health policy, get references from your friends, associates and family members. Deal with only that agent that are licensed to work and sells you coverage of reliable, known insurance company.

health insurance agents

Check Health Insurance Carefully
The insurance company name is not known and the agent doesn’t have a license from your state, then it clearly indicates to be a fraud. Never do business with the company that hasn’t licensed to practice or is exempt from state regulation.

Watch Out For Confused Names
You need to be careful with those insurance company names that are using identical stationary styles, title, addresses that are used purposely to mislead innocent people. If you come across such name or if there is an agent trying to sell you coverage, check with your State Insurance department.

Minimal Underwriting & Low Rates
Why an insurance company will sell you coverage plan beyond its standard rates? Seems fishy? Watch out for such scams if you are coming across the terms like “last day last chance” “sign-up as soon as possible” etc. If the policy plan is accepting anyone, including serious illness and pre-existing ones than it is certain to be a fraudulent company.

Take Advice
It is difficult to know the inside insurance policy terms, especially if you are a first time buyer then it is recommended to take advice from a trusted advisor, attorney, knowledgeable friend or an accountant. Never hesitate to get information, or asking that is bothering you. Take time when finalizing the health insurance policy.

So, before you buy any health insurance policy, make sure that you have gone through the above mentioned points. Here, you are not just dealing with the insurance company, but know what you are purchasing. Ensure that while buying a health insurance policy you are not going for health savings or discount plans, as they do not work same as insurance plans. Use caution, and do not fall easy for scam over any health insurance scams.

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Health Insurance Basics- Common Definitions And Tips For First Time Buyers

23 Feb

These days you will find several insurance companies selling a wide ranges of health insurances offering different coverage to its consumers. Choosing for particular health insurance policy for self and your family could be a tough task.  However, you can customize your health policy as per your requirements and needs.

Health Insurance Tips

Health Insurance Tips

Decide what your requirements are, it would be good if you are familiar with its basics and get along with the common definitions/terms so that you can take a better informed decision.

Understand The Health Insurance Basics

A health insurance basic is a simple plan that covers out-patient surgery and impatient hospitalization in case of illness or accident. Usually the basic health policy premiums are lower and are generally preferred by the masses that are primarily interested in getting covered for their illness and accident.

Get Acquainted To Common Definitions

To know the terms/definition of health insurance policy will serve as a dictionary to understand your policy in a better way such as:

Cash Less Claim: It is a term where a person can claim without paying upfront cash. Here the third party administrator and the insurer have tie-ups with several networks of nursing homes/hospitals.

Critical Illness Policy:  It is a policy taken for terminal diseases. It provides payment as lum-sum benefits if the insured is diagnosed from several specified terminal illness.

Disability Insurance: It is another policy that offers a monthly specified sum to the insured suffering from partial or total disability.

Exclusions: In here the medical expenses are not covered by the policy under any medical ailment.

Floater Policy: It is a policy wherein a single sum is insured to cover more than one individual. For instance, you can get it covered for your entire family.

The above revealed definitions are the primary terms used for health insurance and if you are a first time buyer ensure that you pick the finest health insurance plan suiting your needs and requirements.

The foremost thing you need to decide is whether you would like to go for a long term health plan or short term. If you are job less, but hoping to get hired by a few days/months where a firm is offering a group insurance then probably a short term plan will do best for you. Also, see that if you are going for the basic health coverage plan, does it meet your needs. Usually, you are presented with broader choice but the ability to choose that not only take care about you and your family but also comes within your budget.

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