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Custom eBook writing service by Angela on Fiverr

13 Oct

This blog post is an announcement for all my Old and New eBook writing clients on Fiverr. Most of my old eBook clients are probably looking for my old eBook writing gig on Fiverr but let me tell you all through this blog post that Fiverr has removed my old eBook writing gig Title – ” I will write 10000 word Custom Ebook on ordering 22 gig each for $5

Screen shot is attached below –

eBook writing service by Angela

Hire Angelaexpert for custom eBook writing

Adding Another Screenshot of Previous eBook writing service on Fiverr

eBooklet writing service by Angela
eBooklet writing service by Angela

The removal of the Gig by Fiverr was due to some technical reasons and they instructed me to create the new gig for eBook and I have successfully created the new gig for eBook writing service.

EBook writing service

EBook writing service

But unfortunately I have lost all my client’s Feedback to show you people. Hence I am uploading the screenshot that I have taken earlier. Hope this will give you an idea about my client’s feedback on my eBook writing service.

Positive reviews for eBook writing service

Check out my client’s positive feedback count on eBook writing service

But Thanks to Fiverr that I have created new eBook writing gig service, that has been reviews and published on fiverr. Place your order for eBook writing by clicking the link below –

Or Click on the button below –

eBook writing service

eBook writing service

Angelaexpert on Fiverr